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I have been in contact with Laura Pidcock MP and Ben Sellers, her SPAD, to suggest UBI as an alternative to Universal Credit, which would eliminate the need for most people to require food banks as it would be paid at a higher rate and not be bound up with conditionality. DPAC are in conversation with her about a Disability Premium for UBI which has not yet been factored in. I have it from an exceptionally reliable source in the Labour Party... 🌹...that UC will be radically altered along the UBI model or scrapped under a Labour government. What we can do in the short term? Go on to Parliament’s website for the Outreach page and join the mailing list. Submit select committee evidence papers on anything relating to food banks or the welfare/social security system. Keep the pressure up-this government is weak and has done a great deal of u turns. Even Ian Duncan Smith who created Universal Credit, now regrets it. So keep up the pressure, share articles from the press that talk about what is really going on. And lobby your MP!